How You Can Use Dreamweaver Templates To Have The Best Website Ever?

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For you website to have many viewers it should be attractive and legible. Remember this website is reaching for a large group of people all over the world. It should therefore be attractive to be able to compete with the rest websites in the same field. If you want to make money, it is necessary you concentrate first on the display of you r website. This page determines the number of visitors that visits your site. It is after visiting your site that they learn about the products and services that you are promoting. The easiest template to use to make your website look superb is the Dreamweaver templates.

Dreamweaver templates are very economical and reduce the work of editing individual web pages. This is because you just have to create the template once and apply it to the initial pages of your site. Any changes that you have to make, you can make them to the template that automatically changes all pages available in your template. In order for you to be successful in this business, you should learn how to create the best website.

These are some procedures to follow

  • You should know when to use the templates. It is advisable that you use the templates when you have a set of pages that use the same design.
  • How to create a template is another disturbing question. Dreamweaver has come up with two methods of creating a website. These methods are, creating a website from an exiting page or creating a template from a new page. The choice is all yours according to your taste on which method you should go for. For those of you who decides to go for creating website with new page, you should follow these steps;
  • The first step is to click the file menu, then click new. This leads to a new document in the left column, which is a dialog box. In this dialog box, you just have to create a button in the lower right corner. This marks the end of creating your template. The next step is to save the template.
  • To save the template is very simple. You just click the file menu and click save. After saving the template will then emerge, give your template the name of your choice and write it in the bottom entry field where you see the words save us.
  • You can populate a simple Dreamweaver template by adding content and marking the content where applicable.

If you want to create a page based on template then you must follow the following steps.

  • Click the file menu and click new. A dialog box pops up and you have a chance to select the template. There are two present columns where you should select your site and yourtemplate.
  • Updating the pages when templates change is necessary and you can do it at the lower right corner of the tab. In the same tab click create and you obtain a page without a title. You should then save the page and give a name of your choice.

With this information, you can really create the best website using Dreamweaver templates.


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